Useful Websites

There is much information available on the internet. It is important that the information is relevant and accurate. The following websites contain easy to read information about melanoma; helpful advice on general sun protection and skin cancer in general; avenues to explore for further information. The Melanoma Focus charity, one Mr Peach was invited to join and is active in, has a helpful patient helpline.

Recommended websites

Mr Peach encourages people to read around their skin cancer recognising that this will likely generate questions. Bring these questions to your consultation and he will happy discuss them with you. This way you can personalise the extentsive information available on the internet to your individual situation.

Read what aspects of Service our patients have found helpful.

What aspects of the service provided by Mr Peach have you found helpful?

The care and attention to detail. Mr Peach takes time to look carefully at all areas of my skin. He has a calm, considerate manner which is very reassuring. Mr Peach explains what he is doing and why at each stage.

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