People are rightly concerned about the cosmetic impact of any surgery. This is particularly important of patients with skin cancer as these lesions are often in areas which have been exposed to sunlight, so by definition will be in areas visible to everyone. Whilst Mr Peach does not perform cosmetic rejuvenating surgery, he is very aware of the importance of good aesthetic results following skin cancer surgery. He is skilled in a variety of techniques to help disguise surgical scars. He is also experienced in reconstructing difficult areas of the body, eg. nose, ears, soles of feet etc all of which have specific cosmetic or functional qualities that need to be replicated by the reconstructions.

It is important to realise that is it not the length of the scar that is important, rather it is the distortion of perceived normal anatomy that has the most significant visual impact. For people who have had a hairlip repair, it can be the slight distortion of the nose or lip that is seen first, rather than the scar on the lip itself. Mr Peach, where appropriate,  will apply this principal of maintaining normal anatomical outlines, rather than trying to minimise the length of a scar  He will discuss with you the options for reconstruction which will include:-

  • Direct closure
  • Split skin grafts
  • Full thickness skin grafts
  • Composite grafts
  • Local skin flaps
  • Use of dermal substitutes
  • Leaving to heal by itself (secondary intention)

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