Mr Peach continues to actively participate in cancer research. His up to date knowledge and ability to present this, continues to be reflected in his invitations to speak at national and international meetings and participate in scientific conferences. In addition to the publications and presentations already documented he has been personally involved either historically and up to present day in the following research:-

  • Data monitoring committee for VORTEX - a national study looking at radiotherapy volumes following excision of sarcomas
  • Principal Investigator (Leeds) for MelMart - an international study looking at excision margins and methods of reconstruction in patients with melanoma. Leeds was the third highest recruiting centre to this study.
  • Principal investigator (Leeds) for RationalM - a national study examining the outcome of surgery vs radiotherapy in the treatment of Merkel Cell Carcinoma
  • Scientific advisory committee for Melanoma Focus - This is the largest melanoma charity in the UK, which supports several large research studies into melanoma
  • Ongoing personal studies with medical students and plastic surgery trainees
  • Examining the most appropriate method of treating a postoperative seroma - (a collection of fluid which may form when lymph nodes are removed)
  • The role of micro trauma in the development of Acral Lentiginous melanoma
  • Reconstructive options following resection of a melanoma from the foot
  • Aesthetic impact of alternative methods of ear reconstruction
  • The effectiveness in MRI in the early detection of recurrent melanoma
  • Reviewing the rate of recurrent disease following lymph node dissections for palpable recurrent skin cancer.
  • Studying the most effective and efficient method of follow up for patients with melanoma
  • MelMarT I - melanoma margins trial - Principal local investigator - Pilot study complete
  • MelMart II - international melanoma margins trial - Principal local investigator - ongoing
  • Surveillance threshold study at the Melanoma Institue of Australia - ongoing

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