Invited Speaker - National//International

Sentinel Node Biopsy - Experience from the Sydney Melanoma Unit 
Melanoma Study Group January
Flaps for Vascular Surgeons - Vascular Society masterclass
Skin Cancer - ‘Back to School’ series for GPs
Dermabrasion, ageing and the skin - BUPA Cosmetic Course
Skin Grafts & Local Flaps, Skin Cancer - BUPA Cosmetic Course
Sentinel Node Biospy in the Head & Neck - Yorkshire Head & Neck Group
Sentinel Node Biopsy in melanoma - 1st Leeds Update on Melanocytic and Soft Tissue Tumours
Sentinel node biopsy - BAPRAS - Advanced Educational Course
Excision margins for Melanoma - BAPRAS - Advanced Educational Course

UK melanoma guidelines - BAPRAS - Advanced Educational Course
Surgical management of Merkel Cell Carcinoma - British Association of Dermatologists
‘Surgical considerations for pigmented lesions in anatomically important areas’
3rd Leeds Update on Dermatopathology of Pigmented lesions and Soft Tissue Tumours
Sentinel Node Biopsy - the therapeutic benefits - Focus on Melanoma

Course Organiser
Advanced Treatment Strategy for Advanced Melanoma - Yorkshire Cancer Network
Sentinel Node Biopsy - how I do it - BAPRAS - Advanced Educational Course
Management of difficult melanoma cases - BAPRAS - Advanced Educational Course
Sentinel Node Biopsy Why, When and is it Therapeutic - Preston Specialist Skin MDT
Course Organiser
Focus on Melanoma meeting – Royal College of Physicians – October 2013
NICE melanoma guidelines group - imaging and sentinel node biopsy for melanoma
Melanoma follow up - the need for evidence -  Focus on Melanoma
Does the MSLT-1 study prove that sentinel node biopsy is the standard of care for invasive primary cutaneous melanoma - ESPRAS Edinburgh
“Sentinel Node Biopsy - Why, when and is it therapeutic” - Newcastle regional teaching study day
“The changing role of surgery for stage III and loco-regional recurrent melanoma” - Oncology forum, Birmingham
“Interpreting NICE guidance and the MSLT-2 trial in managing thin melanomas and ve sentinel nodes” - 8th UK Pathology update meeting
“Update on the surgical management and the role for sentinel node biopsy” - Royal College of Radiologists - skin update meeting
“The NICE (UK) melanoma guidelines” - The World Melanoma Conference 2017, Brisbane


  • Chair of Melanoma Focus Consensus meeting
  • Chair Amgen educational meeting
  • Organiser and Chair of Yorkshire Region skin cancer update meeting


  • Intransit metastases and their management - BAPRAS educational meeting - Manchester
  • Organiser of National Melanoma Focus conference


  • Oncology Forum Meeting
  • Melanoma Focus
  • INDUS Hospital Karachi


  • NICE guidelines committee
  • Oklahoma General Hospital - ENT grand round


  • Melanoma Patients Conference
  • Melanoma Focus


  • Melanoma Focus - 

Read what aspects of Service our patients have found helpful.

What aspects of the service provided by Mr Peach have you found helpful?

Mr Peach’s gentle, informative and pleasant manner, plus that of his nurses and the general kind, relaxed atmosphere.

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Based in Leeds

Visit Mr Peach in one of the following locations

(private) spire hospital leeds, roundhay hall jackson avenue, leeds

(NHS) bexley wing, st. james's hospital, leeds

(NHS) chapel allerton hospital, leeds

(NHS) leeds general infirmary, leeds